AyriaBorna offers a range of services that help our customers do their jobs more safely, effectively, and efficiently. We provide the educational and operational support they need to meet Infection Control assurance standards and fight contamination threats.


Training can significantly improve the overall disinfection operation. AyriaBorna offers training for supervisors and nursing staff to ensure the correct disinfection methods are followed according to international infection control protocols.
More than 10 years experience in the domain of Infection Control and controlled environment has given us a good insight in the day to day routine of healthcare operators. Thanks to the feedback of our customers and the cooperation of Technical Department in this field, we have been able to develop a full program of training sessions in field of Infection Control.


AyriaBorna offers access to different highly skilled experts that are available for different areas of Infection Control consultancy. We can offer the right solutions to your specific requirement. Please contact us for more information