Applicable Infection Control

Addressing infection control needs with fully integrated programs that offer a portfolio of products and services with a premium reputation and hospital quality association. Our combination of premium hospital-grade products, educational materials and services is a unique offering, providing comprehensive solutions in Hand Hygiene, Surgical Antisepsis, Patient Skin Care, Environmental Decontamination, and Instrument Disinfection, that will drive compliance and reduce costs incurred due to nosocomial infections.
The accelerating pace of change in healthcare creates exciting opportunities for patient treatment and recovery. It also presents new challenges in the disinfection of environments and materials. At AyriaBorna, we continually adapt and improve our broad, integrated product portfolio to help our customers in operating rooms, laboratories, critical care units, and outpatient clinics to Increase staff productivity, Maximize patient throughput and Meet rigorous sterility assurance standards and regulations worldwide.


We offer:

  • Consulting and contract services to plan for, control, reduce, and eliminate these threats
  • Proprietary technologies that work against even the most stubborn pathogens
  • A complete family of products for disinfection, decontamination, sterilization, and monitoring


  • Hospitals
  • Medical & Dental Clinics
  • Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Catering Area
  • Veterinary
  • Sport Centers
  • Home Users…