It has been two decades that AyriaBorna is performing its best efforts to meet and fulfill the growing needs of medical centers in the field of infection control by precious experience of its founders and managers focusing on specialized activities in the field of sterilizing, disinfecting and cleaning materials as well as equipment.


Today, AyriaBorna produces various professional disinfectant for hospital, dental and laboratory use under the Dr.Borna (Healthcare) brand name with the highest quality and standards in accordance with WHO regulations and the license of food and drug administration of MoH of Iran.


In addition to providing specialized disinfectants for medical centers and hospitals, the need to prevent and clean the living and working environment from germs, led us to provide specialized products for public use and daily life. For this reason, we produced Dr. BORNA public health disinfectants with advanced formulations and in accordance with the highest international standards.


The production unit for personal care, household detergents and general hygiene products has been in operation since early 2021, and various goods with novel formulations under the u’clean brand have been included in the production and supply chain.


All types of Aryan automatic and mechanical dispensers as well as their attachments have been designed and manufactured locally thanks to skilled specialists according to international standards and hygiene protocols. These dispensers can be mounted on the wall or special stands.

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