Our profession is fighting against nosocomial infections by producing and supplying professional products and related trainings. The mission of AyriaBorna is based on maintaining the health of the people and improving the level of human health. Therefore, in addition to producing professional disinfectants, providing quality products that have sufficient power to eliminate pathogens in home and public environment and can lead the prevention concept from the home was at the forefront of the company’s activities.

AyriaBorna introduces Dr. Borna products for general use. Dr. Borna’s products with advanced formulations and in accordance with the highest regional and international standards are a reliable companion for individuals in the community.




Dr. Borna Handrub is highly effective against pathogenic microorganisms on hands while having a good tolerability creating a good sense of consumption, create a special balance of moisture-retaining elements.

Dr.Borna Surface Care

The production unit for personal care, household detergents and general hygiene products has been in operation since early 2021, and various goods with novel formulations under the u’clean brand have been included in the production and supply chain.