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It has been two decades that AyriaBorna is performing its best efforts to meet and fulfill the growing needs of medical centers in the field of infection control by precious experience of its founders and managers focusing on specialized activities in the field of sterilizing, disinfecting and cleaning materials as well as equipment.

“At AyriaBorna Customer Satisfaction is a primary goal” 

We recognized that our primary responsibility is to understand our customer’s needs and expectations and to integrate this knowledge into service and support activities that are clearly understood throughout all levels of our scientific and technical team. The majority of our employees are degreed professionals willing to apply their knowledge and efforts to assure AyriaBorna’s stable position as a leading supplier of infection control and hygienic products.

Our Vision

  • Reduction of environmental pollutants in production processes
  • Expand exports and development regional and international markets
  • Recruitment of young elites and create more jobs
  • Ease of access to products and reduce end-user costs

Our Mission

We always strive to meet the needs of consumers by offering a wide range of quality products with related training. Our specialists with high sensitivity in providing and preparing the best raw materials and packaging items try to produce goods with the highest quality level for all who care quality.

Our Commitment

Contributing to make an environment free of pathogens, promoting personal and public health, and participating in community health improvement. We are proud that our products improve the lives of a significant number of patients. In this regard, continuous support for charity organizations is a priority of AyriaBorna.

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